Having recently retired after 33 years in management I wanted to put together some thoughts on managing change for the 'non specialist'.

I have been in many operational and strategic management roles. I have worked for large multinational companies, a public sector organisation and in the charity sector.

What I hope this site will provide you with is access to the right Change Management information, Just Enough, Just in Time, Just for You.

In hindsight it is clear that I would have benefited from some basic information about managing change. Some basic guidance, hints and tips would have been very useful as I took on a variety of roles in managing change, ie more need to know rather than nice to know.

Many times during my management career I was asked to contribute to a range of change management projects. I was given a variety of roles from leading change management projects, being a project team member to contributing specialist knowledge from an operational perspective.

I have found that the best starting point is to define the role you are being asked to undertake and for this reason the site is structured around the various roles within Change Management programmes and projects.

I hope you find the information useful and please send any questions or feedback to me using the email on the Contact page.

All the best


John Dick. MBA, MCIM