6. My Team will be affected by the Change

In some ways this is the most difficult position to be in ie where you feel as though change is being “done to you.”

People in this position, and in the past I have been one of them, often feel powerless to influence the change process, don’t want to appear negative, don’t feel confident that they can adapt to the new way of doing things.

There are many ways in which these concerns can be addressed and the questions I asked when I was in this position were:

1. Why are we changing? ie what problems does this solve or what opportunities will this change help us take?

2. What are the risks and rewards I will get from this change?

3. How will we be updated on the progress of the change?

4. How will we be trained and prepared for the change?

5. Will we have a change champion in our team?

A good way of illustrating the effects of the proposed change in as clear and as straightforward a way as possible is to address the following questions, either in a one-to-one session or in a team setting:

In the future what will I have to...

  • Stop doing?
  • Start doing?
  • Keep doing?

In a lot of cases this helps to quantify how much will stay the same and helps to show the level of stability when you fear significant changes to your current role.

It is important to recognise that change is stressful and that you have access to the training and support you will need to adapt to the changes as they are introduced and as they become 'business as usual'.