DIY Option: What's Your Role?

I have found that the best starting point for me was always to get a clear definition of what I was being asked to do.

So what’s your role in this change project?

When I started to look at the role I was being asked to undertake I also started to ask a range of questions that would help me understand exactly what I needed to be doing, who else was involved, what plans were in place etc, etc.

Here is a list of Roles you may be asked to take on:

1. I am leading the change programme

2. I am the lead on one of the projects within the overall change programme

3. I am leading a freestanding project, ie not part of a larger change programme

4. I am an active member of the change project team

5. I have no active involvement in the change process, however, the change will impact on my team and how I carry out my work in future